Coronavirus: Egyptian violinist serenades neighbours from balcony

As residents of Cairo in Egypt try to cope with a curfew, one Egyptian man decided to use his gifts to lift spirits up.

Mohammed Aly, a college student serenaded his neighbours from his balcony with his violin on Tuesday March 31.

“I wanted to share this with people here, especially since the coronavirus is making us stay at home. So, its putting a strain on people psychologically. Everyone is very bored from staying at home, so I wanted to lessen that boredom for others and for myself. We are all staying at home and there is no work and all that, so I wanted to be happy by making others happy”, Aly said.

As Aly dished out incredible tunes while he played the string instrument, his neighbours watched on. The North African nation has imposed a nightly curfew in a bid to curtail spread of the coronavirus.

And to ease the pressure some might be feeling despite being locked at home, Aly put up this show to help people overcome the boredom.

Egypt has 779 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and has reported 52 fatalities.

The World Health Organization said for most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, like fever and cough.

However for others, particularly older adults and people with existing health problems, the virus can cause severe symptoms like pneumonia and can be fatal.