Coronavirus: Ethiopia records first cases outside capital

Ethiopia at close of day March 29 had reported 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19. An increase of five over the weekend. Three on Saturday and two on Sunday. Of the three cases on Saturday, one was recorded in the capital Addis Ababa and two in the town of Adama located in the Oromia region.

It is the first reported case outside of the capital since the first cases was confirmed earlier this month. “The other two cases are a 14 year old male and 48 year old female who are members of a family who resides in Adama town.

They had history of contact with previously confirmed case. They were under medical follow up since the confirmation of the close contact and tested positive on March 28th 2020,” a statement from the Ministry of Health read in part.

Out of close to 900 tests, Ethiopia has recorded 21 cases, a recovery with two of the confirmed cases having been repatriated to their countries.

Meanwhile more details are emerging from the state of emergency imposed by the Tigray regional state.

Among other measures, coffee houses, cafes and juice houses shall be closed. Anyone who travelled out of Tigray in the past 20 days shall be tested.

Anyone who enters Tigray after shall be tested and put under supervision. All house rents shall be halved over the period.