dstv and gotv subscription fees increased by 19% in nigeria

DStv and GOtv subscription fees increased by 19% in Nigeria

The price of DStv and GOtv packages have increased in Nigeria, with a raise of at least 19 per cent. Multichoice Nigeria, the Pay-TV operator, has declared an increase for its DStv and GOtv packages. The latest increment will take effect on November 6. This move has drawn sharp criticism from Nigerians.

How much is the DStv subscription fee? How much is the GOtv subscription fee? What did Nigerians say about the hike in DStv and GOtv packages? What can DStv and GOtv  subscribers expect from the latest increment?

The new price of DStv packages

DStv has decided to raise subscription fees from N24,000 to N29,500 in Nigeria. This latest increment in the DStv package is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 6. 

DStv subscribers were given notice by Multichoice Nigeria. The monthly subscription for the DStv Premium package would increase to N29,500, which is a 20% rise from the current price of N24,500. 

The price of Compact+ bouquet will be increased to N19,800 from N16,600 per month. The Compact package will see a 19% increase, with the cost going up to N12,500 per month from N10,500. The Confam package will also see a 19% increase, with the monthly cost going up to N7,400 from N6,200. 

DStv Yanga bouquet will see a 20% increase in their monthly subscription. The price of DStv Yanga bouquet will be increased to N4,200 from N3,500. 

The new price of GOtv packages

The price of GOtv packages have also increased. The price of the Supa Plus package will see a 19% rise in monthly fees, going to N12,500 from N10,500. The monthly fee of Supa bouquet will be increased to N7,600 from N6,400. 

The price of GOtv Max will be increased to N5,700, up from N4,850. The price of the Jolli package will be increased to N3,950 from N3,300. Jinja package subscribers will now be paying N2,700 per month, up from N2,250. 

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Nigerians slam hike in subscription fees

Nigerians have slammed the recent hike in subscription fees. A social media user wrote on social media platform X, previously Twitter, “Hotels, companies etc are the reason DSTV are behaving like gods with this very us*l*ss increment they just did.”

Another user wrote on X, “DSTV & Multichoice is funny. You increased the tariffs of all your subscriptions. People stopped subscribing & you’re losing customers. You will be disturbing someone with customer care to ask why they haven’t subscribed. If you call me again DSTV, I will curse & swear for you.”