netflix to hike prices; what can africans expect

Netflix to hike prices; What can Africans expect?

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 09:02 pm

Netflix, an American over-the-top streaming service company, is expected to increase its subscription price. It could hike prices after the end of the Hollywood actors strike. Will Netflix hike prices in the African region? What can Africans expect?

Netflix’s crackdown on password-sharing increased its subscribers by about 6 million in the third quarter. Netflix curbed password-sharing outside households. The move affected more than 100 million viewers who used the streaming platform without paying for subscription.

According to analysts, Netflix will raise prices of its ad-free options in the coming months. Analysts also said that Netflix might increase the subscription price for its services. 

Netflix subscription prices

Netflix’s standard plan with ads costs $6.99 a month. Netflix’s standard plan without ads starts at $15.49 a month. If Netflix raises prices of its ad-free options, it can double its ad-supported viewership by next year. 

What can Africans expect?

Earlier this month, Netflix announced its plans to end the free mobile plan in Kenya. Netflix decided to discontinue its free mobile plan in Kenya after two years. From November 2023, Kenyans need to upgrade to one of the paid plans of Netflix to access various shows and movies. 

Netflix said in an email sent to subscribers, “On November 1, 2023, the Free Plan will no longer be available, and your membership will end. If you want to cancel, no action is required.”

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Netflix market in Africa

In 2021, Netflix announced the free access plan initiative to attract users in Kenya because it wanted to capture the African market. The plan helped Netflix to attract new consumers from Africa, especially Kenya.

Under the initiative, Netflix users in Kenya accessed Netflix shows and movies without paying the subscription fee. Netflix wanted to establish its name in the streaming market in Africa.

After ending the initiative, Netflix also announced its plan to cut its subscription prices for its subscribers in Kenya by 37 percent in order to attract new users.