eci, ati sign reinsurance agreement

ECI, ATI sign reinsurance agreement

By offering enterprises trade credit insurance and trade backing results, Etihad Credit Insurance( ECI) and African Trade Insurance Agency( ATI) hope to promote marketable ties and increase exports between the two requests.

The agreement builds on the Memorandum of Understanding( MoU) that each party signed in March of last time with the thing of boosting exporters’ capability to contend encyclopedically by adding their knowledge of trade finance and import credit options and motivating them to use trouble-reduction strategies for both marketable and political risks.

Both Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance, and Manuel Moses, CEO of ATI, signed the contract.

According to the deal, both organisations would partake risks to help these businesses expand their international trade while also supporting common Emirati and African systems in their home nations.

” The UAE and the African landmass have a long history of enduring bilateral profitable ties, and we at ECI are pleased to continue that tradition with ATI’s backing. With state-backed guarantees and safety nets against marketable and political misgivings, this collaboration will give UAE exporters genuine confidence to pierce the different requests and resources of the African region, according to Falcioni.

“This agreement with ECI is a significant step in strengthening our commitment to offering trouble results to companies, investors, and marketable lenders interested in doing business in the United Arab Emirates and Africa. This reinsurance agreement will open the door to unmatched trading openings for businesses to increase their indigenous and global competitiveness, further strengthening our being cooperation,” said Moses.