Ethiopia: Military Operations Resumes In Tigray

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

Prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has announced that military personnel will be duty throughout the six month state of emergency issued by the Ethiopian government on Wednesday. He further said that the political dispute in Tigray, enabled the resumption military operation in that part of town.

Strains between the administration and TPLF, which used to be essential for the administering alliance prior to dropping out with Mr Abiy, have heightened lately.

The TPLF has blamed Abiy’s organization for attempting to pulverize Tigray’s entitlement to self-assurance and scheming with Ethiopia’s northern neighbor Eritrea to arrange a military assault.

International organization has also started monitoring the situation in Tigray, if the outcome of the military operation isn’t successful, then ECOWAS will intervene. abiy Ahmed said this measures were put in place due to the unrest that has rocked Tigray.