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Former Prime Minister Hassan A. Khaire issues election warning

The former Prime Minister of Somalia, HE Hassan Ali Khaire, in a statement, spoke strongly about the difficult situation in the country, especially the election stalemate. MrKhaire accused the outgoing government of failing to take the country out of its current predicament.

Khaire said in a statement: “Four (4) months ago, I said in a statement that the way we are managing the next 40 days will be key to the next four (4) years and will form the basis of the future image of our country and its people for the next forty (40) years.

Four (4) months later, the government has ended its constitutional term and is still struggling to manage and cross the dangerous crossroads that our country currently faces. And we all see the ugliness of the consequences of putting the interests of the individual before the public interest and therefore destroying the public interest of the people, the country and the government.

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I have warned before, and I reiterate, that if Somalis do not agree on the format of the country’s presidential election, and that the election will be held in a consensual and transparent manner, it will be difficult for Somalis to agree on the outcome of the election and in general the system of government in our country.

Confident in the wisdom and ability of the Somali people, I see bright days for our country and its people in the near future, if they have the right leadership to lead that development.