Guinea: Anti-Condé ranks split over voter turnout

Guinea: Anti-Condé ranks split over voter turnout

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:25 am

The presidential election in Guinea is unfolding amid political tensions.

The president Alpha Condé, who is 82, is looking for a third term, whilst a coalition of his opponents has chosen to boycott the vote and eliminate candidates from their ranks.

“The political events that have decided to compete nowadays have moved away from the principles of the FNDC,” stated Aliou Bah, the president of ‘Model’, the FNDC member party that selected the boycott.

“It goes barring pronouncing that we can solely note their voluntary withdrawal.”

Presidents can solely serve two terms underneath Guinea’s constitution, however Condé revamped the textual content in the past this year, then argued that the presidential term counter had consequently been reset.

Foninké Menguè, a member of the FNDC coordination, stated that the group stays united in its opposition to Condé winning a 1/3 term.

“The combat in opposition to the 1/3 mandate continues.

In this sense, the FNDC wants all citizens, all Guineans who love justice and democracy for this country of affairs,” he said.

“So as soon as again, we proceed the battle against the 1/3 term of office of Mr. Alpha Condé and in this vein, we are prepared to do the entirety possible to forestall the 1/3 time period of office of Mr. Alpha Condé.”

Despite protests in which numerous people died, Condé will run on October 18th alongside eleven other candidates.