Gunmen abducted Three Teachers at a school in Kaduna, Nigeria

Gunmen attacked an elementary school in northwestern Kaduna state and kidnaped three teachers but no children, according to a provincial official. Fortunately no students have been abducted at the scene this time.

The attack on a motorcycle by gunmen on Monday was the latest in a series of attacks targeting schools in Nigeria, just days after nearly 40 students were abducted by bandits.

Kidnappings of educational institutions are common in Nigeria. Hundreds of children were abducted from their schools and some were killed. Reports say more than 800 students have been abducted since December. Nigerian police and authorities are cracking down on the group targeting students and educational institutions by later demanding large ransoms. It is also being hijacked by extremist groups such as Boko Haram, which has repeatedly kidnapped students and schoolgirls.

So Unlike previous reports, no students were abducted during the early morning attack on a school in Rama village, Samuel Arwan added.

According to Kaduna State Security Commissioner Samuel Aruwan, the students were abducted from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Mando, in Kaduna but did not say how many students were taken.

“The police and the military are at the highest level. We are trying to contact the school authorities to find out the exact number of abducted students and then see the possibility of rescuing them unharmed and arresting the culprits. “A Kaduna police spokesman said. Ayuu is Mohammed Jalige.

The kidnappings at boarding schools were launched by the Boko Haram militant group, which abducted 270 girls from a school in Chibok in the northeast in 2014. About 100 of them have never been found. Armed gangs seeking ransom have since carried out copycat attacks.

Attempts by the military and police to crack down on gangs have had little success, while many worried state officials are exacerbating the situation by allowing hostages to be released without charge, at a cost giving or encouraging.

The crisis has become a political crisis for President MuhammaduBuhari, a retired general and former military commander who has faced growing criticism over the rise in violent crime and replaced his traditional military commanders earlier this year.