Haramadad Army Officials Join Opposition Forces

Haramadad Army Officials Join Opposition Forces

According to Allbanadir online, the deputy police chief of HaramadMuminIsseMohamud and his forces defected from the federal government this afternoon.

The officer and his troops joined the pro-opposition National Salvation Army, especially those stationed in the Mirinyo area.

MuminIsseMohamud took troops and military vehicles, opposition lawmaker Mahad Salad confirmed.

Earlier, Somali police officers and their troops joined the opposition BadbaadoQaran forces, which strongly opposes the recent extension of Farmajo and parliament.

The extension did not materialize, after fighting in Mogadishu between forces loyal to the outgoing federal government leaders and opposition politicians who strongly opposed the extension.

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“Capt. Mumin, the heaviest officer in the Haramacad army and his troops, joined the National Salvation Army this afternoon,” said lawmaker Mahad Salad in a statement posted on his Facebook page. The army of opposition politicians BadbaadoQaran, who opposed Farmajo’s extension before withdrawing days ago.

TheHaramacad armay, who were trained at the Turkish base in Mogadishu, are among the DF’s most capable forces despite being widely used in attacks on opposition politicians.

Many are wondering why the army continues to join the opposition as the extension of the strike has been called off and the government has been tasked with holding elections.

Yesterday, the president agreed to rescind the September 17 election agreement and announced that security and general election issues had been handed over to his prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, but troops who opposed the extension are still defending themselves inside the city. Mogadishu.