Parliament Suspends Extension, Approves September 17 Agreement

Somalia’s lower house of parliament has suspended the president’s term extension and voted to go back the agreement on September 17th agreement. The council has now taken a step that has been welcomed by the Somali people and the international community, and the country is expected to hold elections.

All the members present voted in favor and there was no opposition. In the middle of last month, members of parliament approved the election of a person and a vote in two years’ time, but it was opposed by regional administrations, candidates and the international community.

Outdated President Mohamed AbdullahiFarmajo, who addressed the House of Representatives before the vote, reiterated the April 12 extension of the two-year extension by the House and asked them to support the resumption of talks on the 17th agreement.

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The outgoing president appeared before parliament on Saturday after local and international pressure was put on him to withdraw the illegal extension and hold elections in the country. Farmajo, who failed in the country and his ambitions were thrown out of the window, has now withdrawn from the extension after the people clashed with him and he lost the support of the people and the authorities who rejected his dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president handed over the election and security issues to Prime Minister Roble. He said: “I want to make it clear that Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble will lead the preparation and implementation of the election and the security of the election, as well as the implementation of the election security plan, in accordance with the constitution, belongs to the government. I urge the government to prepare for this huge task, ”Farmajo said. Farmajo said he had no intention of going to war when he was defeated politically and his desire to extend his term was ended. He eventually withdrew from the extension and now finds out he is an illegitimate president. However, this time Farmajo was satisfied with his hopes of running again or extending his rule. Democracy and the people of Somalia have grown weary of dictatorship