how to fund payoneer in nigeria

How to fund Payoneer in Nigeria

Payoneer is an American financial services company. It provides services like online money transfer and digital payment. Payoneer is available in Nigeria. It is easy to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria. Nigerians who work with clients outside Nigeria receive money on Payoneer. Anyone can use Payoneer to maintain their earnings by linking their workplace or marketplace to their Payoneer account.

How to fund Payoneer in Nigeria

A person can receive payment through a Payoneer account by providing their unique Payoneer account details under “Global Payment Service” in the “Receive” section of the platform. Payoneer is used by bulk payout companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Jellyfish, Lazada, Amazon KDP, and eBay.

Users can fund their accounts by requesting payments from their customers. Enter your details and “Sign In” to access your Payoneer account. Now, go to the “Receive” section and click on the “Request Payment” option. Click on the “Payer details” section. Enter the details of your customer to receive the money on Payoneer. Click on the “Submit” option to complete your payment request. In this way, you can fund your Payoneer in Nigeria.

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You can use the Payoneer card for withdrawals at any Mastercard-accepted ATM, for online transactions and for paying for digital advertising on platforms. Your Payoneer account must have received at least $100 in the last six months to qualify for a Payoneer card.

How to receive payments on bulk payout days

  • Visit the website where you work
  • Go to the payment options section of the website
  • Select the Payoneer payment option
  • Start the registration process for Payoneer
  • Enter your email address and sign up on Payoneer
  • Enter your password

Now you can access your Payoneer account. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen. You can also copy and paste your Payoneer account details into the “Payment Details” section of the website you are working.