openai announces chatgpt successor gpt 4

OpenAI announces ChatGPT successor GPT-4

OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research laboratory, has announced the release of GPT-4, the latest version of its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

GPT-4, a large multimodal model, can respond to image and text inputs. It can provide recipe suggestions from photos of ingredients as well as write captions and descriptions. GPT-4 can also solve difficult problems and process up to 25,000 words. GPT-4 is more advanced compared to GPT 3.5 because it can handle more complex queries.

ChatGPT answers questions in human-like language. It has become popular since it launched in November 2022. In February 2023, ChatGPT became the fastest-growing app in the world, reaching 100 million users in just two months. The chatbot overtook other popular social media apps, including Instagram and TikTok, which took 2.5 years and 9 months, respectively, to reach 100 million users.

GPT-4 is only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay $20 per month to access the premium service. The latest version gives users instant answers to any questions or queries. 

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Which apps are powered by GPT-4?

Duolingo is powered by GPT-4. According to OpenAI, Duolingo is using GPT-4 to power two new features – ‘Role Play’, an AI-powered conversation partner and ‘Explain my Answer’, a feature that talks about the rules of a language. 

Stripe, a popular payment gateway platform, is powered by GPT-4. Stripe has used GPT-3 for routing issue tickets and summarizing the questions of the users. Stripe said that GPT-4 would help to analyze the syntax of posts in Discord to flag suspicious accounts.

GPT-4 will be available via API and for ChatGPT Plus users. It is the fourth in the GPT series. It is powering Microsoft’s Bing search engine platform. GPT-4 stands for “generative pre-trained transformer 4.” It is an upgrade to the existing ChatGPT. Reportedly, it is important for creativity, visual comprehension, and context handling.