instagram or twitter elon musk asks users to choose

Instagram Or Twitter: Elon Musk Asks Users To Choose

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has been implementing several changes after taking control of Twitter. He has also become increasingly active on Twitter. 

Recently, Musk asked his fans and followers on Twitter to choose between Instagram and Twitter. He reportedly wrote on Twitter, “Instagram makes people depressed & Twitter makes people angry. Which is better?” Since being shared, his tweet received over 43.2 million views.

One user commented on Musk’s tweet, “Twitter doesn’t make me angry.  It makes me laugh all day long. Tip: unfollow all politicians and media reporters.” To which, Musk replied, “I do laugh a lot on Twitter haha.”

Another user commented, “LinkedIn makes people depressed, not Instagram.” Responding to his comment, Musk commented with a fire emoji. One user reportedly said, “Twitter is a lesson in anger management! Things that are not taught in business schools.” Another user commented, “Twitter gives me news and keeps me informed. Instagram shows me pictures of people I care nothing about.” Another user said, “I pay $8 for Twitter and my data for Instagram.”

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Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media company has barely been out of the headlines. The company came into the limelight when it laid off 50% of the workforce. Later on, Twitter introduced gold and silver ticks. The blue tick has been replaced by a gold or silver tick for brands and government figures. 

Twitter is also set to launch the ‘Verification for Organisations’ feature, which was earlier called ‘Blue for Business.’ Twitter said it would allow a limited set of organisations to use the feature.