Somalia President Farmaajo

International community puts pressure on Villa Somalia-backed Regional States

The international community has failed in its efforts to reconcile the leaders of the federal government and regional administrations following the failure of the Afsiyon conference. These efforts by the international community to resolve electoral disputes are under pressure from pro-Farmajo regional administrations.

Credible reports indicate that the international community is beginning to put pressure on pro-Farmajo regional leaders who blame the failure of the conference on the leaders of Jupaland and Puntland.

Meanwhile, members of the international community have rejected a request from the leaders of the three regional administrations to leave Mogadishu, and have been informed that they will not be able to leave Mogadishu. This is a step against the electoral process since these States are part of the problem.

The international community has previously warned the outgoing Farmajo government to extend its term. The international community has always believed in compromise and political stability but the curren illegal government has never created a conducive environment.

Representatives of the international community also said that leaders loyal to the Somali president are particularly focused and persuading those administrations to accept free elections.

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The international community believes that if pressure is put on these States and the Federal Government of Somalia will relax and agree to hold inclusive elections.

At a meeting last night between representatives of the international community and the leaders of the three pro-government administrations, the leaders of those administrations were threatened with sanctions if they left Mogadishu.