Investment company Trive South Africa begins client onboarding

Investment company Trive South Africa begins client onboarding

Trive South Africa, a new investment company, revealed that it has started onboarding customers.

Trive South Africa is a brand-new multi-asset investment company with headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg. It offers clients a seamless trading experience through its competitive, technologically enhanced solutions and products.

Trive South Africa provides a wide range of interesting investment products to meet the demands of its customers. Local and foreign cash equities, South African and international derivatives, and Tax Free Savings Accounts make up the first lineup of basic products. With category 1 and 2 licences, Trive South Africa is a recognised Financial Service Provider under the FSCA.

With the help of its brokerage services, Trive South Africa will have a sizable presence in the South African DIY trading industry, assisting ordinary investors with the management of their assets and portfolios. The debut of cash securities and derivatives will take place simultaneously under the two distinct logins Trive Investor and Trive Trader. Trive South Africa’s minimal fees and cutting-edge technology may increase accessibility to the world of investing.

Travis Robson, a veteran of institutional and asset management, leads Trive South Africa. Travis has held positions across several continents and has 18 years of expertise in the global financial services industry. He has a proven track record of ensuring that businesses are optimally aligned to accomplish strategic, operational, and financial goals.

Trive South Africa’s managing director, Travis Robson, expressed his excitement that customer onboarding had started. We at Trive South Africa work hard to provide excellent technology and even greater customer support. Our clients benefit from customised solutions and a committed customer support team to help with any questions. In a highly competitive market, having FSCA category 1 and 2 licences will provide us credibility with investors. We are a very ambitious company wanting to expand quickly, backed by a solid team, yet we will always keep our local character and connection.

In order to effectively compete with the current brokers present in the South African market, we plan to establish Trive South Africa. We provide straightforward next-generation technology, local customer care assistance, and access to a variety of products for our clients, as well as high-quality research and transparency for our tech-savvy customers.