Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Axed by IEC from Electoral Register

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Axed by IEC from Electoral Register

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:31 am

Laurent Gbagbo, the former Ivorian President, has been irrevocably removed from the electoral listing and hence, will no longer be able to present himself in the upcoming presidential elections per an Ivorian judiciary ruling that sees him still in exile.

The information used to be recently verified by way of the Independent Electoral Commission with IEC president, Ibrahim Coulibaly-Kuibiert, proclaiming in the course of the presentation of the revision of the electoral list at the opening of August, “Any man or woman convicted of a misdemeanour or a crime and stripped of their civil rights has been eliminated from the list.”

Sentenced to 20 years in prison with the aid of the Ivorian courts for “robbery” of the Central Bank of West African States, at some point of the post-election crisis of 2010, Gbagbo was once later acquitted in a courtroom of first occasion and has due to the fact moved to Brussels in Belgium, Europe on conditional release by way of the International Criminal Court the place he is still looking forward to a feasible appeal in his domestic usa — in the hopes of recovering his national passport and full rights as an Ivorian citizen.

Simone Gbagbo, the former First Lady and partner of Laurent Gbagbo, requested that contemporary Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara furnish her husband amnesty as she expressed her disapproval the trial— which observed her partner guilty, that hence led to this electoral decision, “The arguments used to justify the elimination of Laurent Gbagbo’s title from the electoral list are tremendously questionable legal arguments. Moreover, the trial that led to this conviction is itself political and unjustifiable.”

The political local weather in Côte d’Ivoire has emerge as annoying ten years after the post-election crisis that killed extra than 3,000 people. The violence that observed the announcement of President Ouattara’s candidacy for a 1/3 term left at least 8 people useless in August.