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Jubaland And Puntiland Call For Implementation Of September 17 Agreements

The Puntland and Jubaland States have issued a statement about the recent meeting between the interim prime minister and the opposition leaders, saying they welcome the agreement but call for the implementation of the September 17 consensus. The two administrations have insisted on overcoming obstacles to holding elections and for the interim government to end repression and repression.

The two administrations acknowledged that the government was responsible for the naked attack on opposition leaders and their supporters who were protesting peacefully, which was undermining freedom of expression and the country’s fledgling democracy. The two administrations have always welcomed any agreement that promises to hold elections in the country, but opposes the heinous acts of the current outlawed government.

Puntland State of Somalia said in a statement: “Puntland Government welcomes the agreement reached between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Union of Candidates last night (25 Feb 2021), and welcomes the FGS recognizing its responsibility for what happened in Mogadishu on February 19, it agreed to an independent investigation,”.

The government has admitted responsibility for the brutal crackdown on opposition leaders, and it appears that the illegitimate Farmajo government has lost the trust of the people and despaired of leading the country again.

However, opposition leaders, considering for the country interest and national security, agreed to postpone the protests for up to 10 days, which is a political maturity. The people of Mogadishu have welcomed the opposition’s stance but still oppose Farmajo’s failed rule and have always opposed the repression, dictatorship and oppression of the Farmajo government on the people and the opposition.