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Jubaland, Puntland Presidents Call Off For Affiyoni Conference

The presidents of Puntland and Jubaland have again called off the Afsiyon talks. The two officials set conditions for attending the meeting on three conditions. These terms have not been met by the outgoing government. Ahmed Madobe called on the government to withdraw its troops from Gedo region.

A source told to media that the reason for calling off the conference was a condition from Jubbaland regarding the issue of Gedo region, which is for the federal government to withdraw its troops there, as the region is disputed by the federal government and the Jubaland administration.

Meanwhile, the presidents of Jubaland and Puntland met at midnight last night to discuss current issues and Jubaland terms of reference, with Puntland President Said AbdullahiDeni agreeing to Jubaland’s offer.

The two officials suggested that Vila Somalia should not chair the conference as it is an outdated government, and make further complicating the talks. Secondly, they agreed that the agenda of the conference should be discussed before the conference opens and that what was discussed at the conference should be done together, and that did not happen, and thirdly, the two administrations suggested that security at the conference venue be handed over to AMISOM forces.

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However, the conference opened yesterday in the absence of the two administrations and brought together a pro-Farmajo administration and the Banadir regional administration. The international community has called for a united talks to end the conflict while the government making any concessions.

“Somalia needs consensus and compromise – now is the time for leaders to show wisdom,” the US embassy in Mogadishu said in a statement.

Diplomatic talks with the leader of the political party Union for Peace and Development she said focused on the 2020-21 elections and inclusive politics.