Madagascar minister getting sack

Madagascar minister sacked over $2m sweets for ‘bitter’ COVID-Organics

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 02:45 pm

A Malagasy Minister was fired over plans to buy sweets for children taking COVID-Organics in schools.

Education minister Rijasoa Andriamanana planned to order $2.2m worth of sweets. Hoping to ease bitterness that the purported virus cure gave patrons, KnowAfrika news agency reported.

She had shelved the plan even before being fired. President Rajoelina – chief patron of COVID-Organics – had rejected the idea. Each student in the country was expected to get three sweets, KnowAfrika added.

The Thursday statement confirming her sacking, her counterpart in the higher education ministry, Elia Béatrice Assoumacou, was asked to double as education minister in acting capacity.