//Malawi army deducts soldiers’ salaries

Malawi army deducts soldiers’ salaries

Barely a week after the change of command in the Malawi Defence Force (MDF), which saw General Vincent Nundwe being prematurely removed from office to pave way fornew commanderPeter Andrew Lapken Namathanga, the military authotities have started deducting salaries from junior officers.

The officers suspect the new MDF administration wants to use the funds to finance Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) during the forthcoming presidential election.

An impeccable source at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe told Nyasa Times that on Friday the junior soldiers woke up to see their salaries being deducted in controversial circumstance.

“No explanation has been given why there are these deductions. We feel this is very unfortunate and unprofessional on the part of our new administration,” said our source.

He described the ‘illegal deduction of their salaries’ as a gross violation of their rights. MDF spokesperson Major Paul Chiphwanya, who had to wake up from sleep to respond to Nyasa Times questions about 11pm on Friday, said he was not aware about the issue.

Chiphwanya asked the aggrieved soldiers to lodge an official complaint with their employer to get redress.

“I am not aware about that issue. If that’s what has happened, then they should come to the office and complain,” he said.

On the other hand, Chiphwanya said he could not comment on assertions that the funds will go towards financing the DPP campaign.

“That’s their personal opinion. I can’t comment on that,” he said. Namathanga, who becomes the 14th MDF commander, is yet to get a sword of command from his predecessor.