malta third consecutive win for labor party

Malta: Third consecutive win for Labor Party

Last updated on March 29th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Despite all the challenges in the region, Malta has been successful in establishing a strong political support in the name of the Labor party, which has won its third consecutive election in the political run of this country.

On Sunday, the ruling Labor Party of Malta once again established its supremacy in the national elections. With the win, Prime Minister Robert Abela promised the civilians of a greened Malta along with humility for them.

The party and its supporters are already celebrating, however, nothing related to the official results is yet to be declared about it. The victory is supposedly bigger than its previous two victories where it won by 55% majorities.

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The response to the ruling party is extremely positive, making it an obvious choice for people over the years. Ahead of the official announcement, the center-right Nationalist Party, the main opposition party, conceded its defeat.

“Humility will characterize this government, I will insist on humility from those chosen to work within it, and I will lead by example”, said PM Robert Abela, son of former Prime Minister George Abela.

Abela also stressed that the government will try to implement national unity while also stressing that everyone in the country had contributed to taking the country to where it is. He further added that his government would seek national unity, insisting that everyone had a contribution to give to the country.