Mass Protests Against Farmajo's Extension In Shirkule Village-Mogadishu

Mass Protests Against Farmajo’s Extension In Shirkule Village-Mogadishu

Protesters ex Banadir police Chief and against Farmajo’s extension have gathered in Shirkulevillag. The protest was large-scale against Farmajo’s dictatorship and called for his resignation without any extension.

Since the Somali parliament extended the term of the outgoing president, Farmajo, by two years, there has been growing international and local pressure. The international community is outraged by the parliament’s illegal extension, and has issued international calls against it. The international community has made it clear that it will not support the extended government.

The Somali people, meanwhile, have opposed the extension. Banadir regional police chief Sadaq Jon, who currently has troops in Mogadishu, has also expressed concerns about security and stability in the capital Mogadishu. The government has since deployed troops in the city to quell protests.

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Last night, residents of Shirkule neighborhoods staged a massive protest against Farmajo’s extension. Residents burned tires in the neighborhood of former Somali police chiefSadaq Jon, shouting “We don’t want Farmajo, we don’t want a dictator”. Sadiq Jon settled in the Shiirkule neighborhood after the outgoing president announced his termination from the army.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders, community activist and lawmakers from the Sadaq Jon clan have reached out to his constituency and called for support for the commander and not for an illegal extension of Farmajo’s term. Lawmakers in the lower house say they will take action against the outgoing president and save the country from Farmajo’s dictatorship.