NEWS: Armed Bandits Kidnaps Philip Walton In Southern Niger

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:17 am

Armed bandit has kidnapped an American citizen in southern Niger according to multiple sources, the American was reportedly kidnapped in his home.

The occurrence occurred in the early long stretches of Tuesday, in the rustic town of Massalata in the division of Birni Nkonni, which sits on the Nigerian fringe.

The American man – named by his dad – as Philip Walton had been living there with his significant other and youngster for a very long time.

“During the night six men, conceivably Fulani, went ahead foot. They seized my child Philip Walton. They were searching for cash in the house yet there was insufficient. had just 20,000 CFA francs (30 euros). Following that, they left with him, ” said his dad, Bruce Walton, who daily routines in Birni Nkonni and has experienced

There has been series of kidnapping and possible killings in that region, particularly the white has mostly been their victims demanding outrageous ransom fees.