NEWS: “Congo Is Not Burning” – Leïla Zerrougui

Leïla Zerrougui the head of the United Nations Mission In DR Congo has insisted the the country isn’t burning contrary to what is been written by the media and what’s speculated around, Zerrougui made this known at a press conference in the country on Wednesday.

Today, regardless of whether the contention perseveres, it is as yet contained in three eastern territories,” said the top of the UN Mission in DRC.

For the Algerian, the circumstance is a long way from being appallingly awful in the country. “Congo isn’t consuming,” she said.

Leïla Zerrougui invited the association of decisions that permitted a tranquil progress of force without precedent for the Democratic Republic of Congo. “There is nobody who professes to be from an equipped gathering to state “I’m taking force,” she said.