Covid-19 precaution

NEWS: COVID-19 Safety Precaution Reportedly Neglected In Cameroon

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

Cameroonians has reportedly neglected safety precautions and protocols as it concerns the novel coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world at large.

Residents of essential cities in Cameroon have not been serious with social distancing measures and sporting of face masks.

Despite efforts by way of the government to forestall Covid-19 hugging, handshaking and the belief that the ailment has now not yet arrived Cameroon is the principal talk on the streets.

The non appreciate of social distancing can be discovered in markets; streets and parks.

“There are a bunch of Cameroonians from the start of this who concept that corona used to be a hoax.

And many of them have in no way gained a mask even for once. And until date they say that naturally an African is built to kill viruses.

So they trust that their structures can even kill the viruses if it exists”, Wain George Muam, a worried Cameroonian, instructed Africanews.

The Cameroon authorities has been conducting cell Covid-19 screening in a variety of cities throughout the country.

The virus keeps circulating in spite of the excessive price of recuperation in Cameroon.