ECOWAS declares impasse in Mali on power sharing

NEWS: ECOWAS declares impasse in Mali on power sharing

ECPWAS mediators seeking to address the political crisis in Mali have introduced a power-sharing government and a new constitutional tribunal.

In their latest attempt to ease tensions, the Ecowas delegation held a marathon weekend of talks in Bamako and called on the government, the opposition and civil society to work together.

The president of ECOWAS, Jean Claude Kassi Brou, said: “It is urgent to create a government of national unity, based on consensus and taking into account the recommendations of the Inclusive National Dialog and the following proposals for distribution …

“Fifty per cent of government leaders will come from the governing coalition; 30 per cent will come from the opposition and twenty percent of government officials will come from civil society.”

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta already made a similar bid which the opposition protest movement refused.

The protesters demand the president resigns, claiming he has failed to tackle jihadist violence, corruption and the economic problems facing the region.

Mali has been hit by demonstrations that erupted last month demanding the resignation of Keita. The international community endeavored to defuse the situation.