NEWS: Effective Governance In African Countries Is Not Advancing – Report

The major problem African countries are facing this this day and age is bad governance, corruption has eaten deep in the system of government across Africa according to a major report. Most countries are underdeveloped due to bad governance.

In excess of 60% of Africans live in nations that gained ground in great administration over the period 2010 to 2019, the current year’s report said.

In any case, progress has eased back over the most recent five years and this year, without precedent for the most recent 10 years, the consolidated score for all the nations fell year-on-year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation added.

The establishment, set up in 2006 to zero in on the requirement for good political administration and public administration in Africa, refered to developing controls on individuals’ capacity to practice their popularity based rights.

In terms of Infastructural development, good education, economy and the like Africa is way behind in this aspect. One major cause if this is corruption and greediness amongst the leaders of their respective countries, another reason is the authoritarian nature of the leaders.