Egyptian Town Laments Missing Migrant Relatives en Route to Europe

NEWS: Egyptian Town Laments Missing Migrant Relatives

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:21 am

The Egyptian metropolis of Dahmasha. About sixty kilometres from Cairo. A ghost city considering the fact that a number of hundred of its younger guys went into exile by way of neighbouring Libya.

In September, fifteen extra guys tried the unsafe journey to Europe and have considering disappeared — leaving in the back of their households in anguish.

Among the missing migrants is Mohamed Youssef’s nephew Ahmed. His uncle is distraught, “A whole of 37 young human beings from the village left. It was once a Saturday. The next day we had been informed that they had arrived in Libya and two days later we have been informed that their boat had sunk. That’s when the smuggler who lived in the village escaped.”

Two bodies have considering that been repatriated to Dahmasha. Internet-posted photographs and an undated video curiously exhibit twenty survivors.

Like the different families in the village, Rawya Abdalla wishes to understand what took place to her two lacking spouse and children — brothers-in-law Ahmed and Said, of whom she nevertheless has no word.

The overwhelmed 38-year-old does no longer comprehend what to think about the unlucky situation, “We obtained pics of 20 people nevertheless alive and had been advised that 17 had died. Their names were published on the Internet. We have no longer acquired any data about the survivors. We don’t recognize anything about them. None of them known as us. We don’t know who died and who is nevertheless alive… and what happens to them. We want the bodies of those who died to be added again to be buried here. It is unacceptable that they be buried some place else after all they have been through. “