Benin: Elections Without Credible Opposition Sees Democratic Setback

News: Elections Without Credible Opposition Sees Democratic Setback in Benin

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:20 am

Auhoritinaism in Benin?

Opponents and members of civil society in Benin have denounced the six-month away presidential election which they claim could be held without any credible opposition candidate under questionable and dubious political circumstances orchestrated by the ruling government in light of an amendment to the electoral code and several court convictions against prominent politicians.

The article voted on at the end of 2019 requires candidates to be sponsored by 16 deputies or mayors in order to compete in the ballot.

However, during the legislative elections of April 2019, none of the opposition parties had been allowed to present lists, and after the municipal elections of April 2020, boycotted by some of the opponents, only six dissident mayors were elected.

“Mathematically, it is therefore impossible to have an opposition candidate,” said Ralmeg Gandaho, coordinator of “Let me choose.” This collective of civil society organisations is campaigning for the abolition of sponsorship.