//NEWS: Explosive Attack at Somali Hotel

NEWS: Explosive Attack at Somali Hotel

Terrifying Violence

Several dead and around many more wounded Sunday night after a thunderous auto suicide bomber exploded the protection gates of an upscale inn open in the Lido beach area of Mogadishu, Somalia. In what used to be a terrifying and chaotic episode of violence.

According to Col. Ahmed Aden, a police officer, the attackers invaded the Elite Hotel, a new establishment popular amongst the younger crowd of the capital city.

Sadiq Adan Ali, a spokesman of the Somali police force, quickly described the nature of events, “Totally, those who have been killed or exceeded away in the accident, the attack, have been 16 Eleven (of them were) Somali civilians and five of them terrorists. The different last was thirteen wounded or injured persons.”

The nation’s protection forces managed to subdue the state of affairs after a nearly 5-hour siege which ended in the taking the lives of the four final assailants. They were rebels hailing from the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab, allies of Al-Qaida and had taken hostages of younger men and female at dinner at the site. All hostages have been rescued and evacuated and ambulance people at the scene suggested that at least 28 humans had been wounded.