Sudan: Floods kill 65 and destroy homes

NEWS: Floods kill 65 and destroy homes in Sudan

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:31 am

Floods and torrential rains have killed at least sixty 5 people and destroyed greater than fourteen thousand houses in Sudan.

Tens of thousands of houses have been damaged, numerous faculties destroyed and water sources rendered unusable. Cattle has died in excessive numbers.

“Since 1946 or 1948 there has by no means been floods like this year,” Abdelrahman Ibrahim, a Khartoum resident, said.

“The problem has grown large and we do now not recognize the cause.”

Abdel Naser Khaer, any other Khartoum resident, stated he woke up to discover the flood had reached his house.

“In the morning I discovered out that the water had flooded the residence from the stream, and as you can see the walls are waterlogged.”

The capital Khartoum, and the Blue Nile and River Nile states are the hardest-hit. Locals are left to fill sacks with earth to construct makeshift barriers.

More heavy rainfall is predicted in August and September.

In the rainy season, which in Sudan lasts from June to October, the water level of the Nile river continually rises, but no longer this dramatically.