DRC: Hundreds Protest in Solidarity with Dr Mukwege

NEWS: Hundreds Protest in Solidarity with Dr Mukwege in DR Congo

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:25 am

Hundreds of human beings should be observed marching in the streets of Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu province in the japanese area of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday.

They raised their voices in harmony with Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr Denis Mukwege – who has been the target of dying threats due to the fact July after he publicly condemned an 18-person bloodbath in the strife-torn location on social media.

Even ladies the health practitioner had medically attended to following acts of sexual violence joined the march after first gathering at his medical institution in close by Panzi to express problem and show support.

An impassioned demonstrator, Roger Buhendwa, shared his thoughts, “Ever due to the fact the medical doctor denounced the bloodbath in Kipupu, there is a positive group of human beings who have been concentrated on him and we find that it is not regular due to the fact he is a human rights defender and it is his duty to sound the alarm when matters are not working.”

Another activist, Josaphat Baraka, additionally made

“We demand the safety of Dr Denis Mukwege at all levels, nationally and regionally. The authorities need to discover the humans behind these threats and the justice machine desires to do its work.”

“We are calling for Dr Denis Mukwege to have security, for the authorities to locate the humans behind this threat,” said campaigner Josaphat Baraka.

Before these protests, the regionally respected medical doctor had already been garnering support both at domestic and abroad.