//NEWS: Morocco Signs 10-Year Military Cooperation Deal with the United States of America

NEWS: Morocco Signs 10-Year Military Cooperation Deal with the United States of America

The United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper signed a 10-year navy cooperation deal in Rabat, Morocco on Friday — two days after signing a similar deal in Tunisia as he made his final stop on a North African tour aimed at strengthening the fight against Islamist extremists in war-torn Libya and the Sahel-Sahara region.

Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Foreign Minister, shared a few words in a public address, “Our long-standing alliance has no longer solely persisted the check of time. We have stood side by aspect during the most important challenges that shaped the twentieth century, and we have transitioned into the 21st century greater than ever.”

A sentiment which seems to be shared by the States who sees Morocco as a key ally in this terrorist-challenged location of the continent. Esper accompanied in kind, “Now greater than ever, our two nations are working carefully together to handle the challenges of an an increasing number of complicated safety surroundings – ranging from counterterrorism and different transnational threats to regional instability and broader strategic challenges.”

The aim of Esper’s go to used to be to enhance mutual cooperation between the two international locations as Morocco already hosts the greatest annual US joint military exercising in Africa, “African Lion” — cancelled this year in mild of the Covid-19 pandemic.

His visit came as talks between Libyan competitors have been set to restart Friday evening in Bouznika, near Rabat, according to a Moroccan official.