NEWS: Popular Millionaire Released In Malawi

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

Self acclaimed Millionaire Shepherd Bushiri aka the prophet has been released from hail after his arrest early this year, the basis of his arrest was for fraud and money laundering of millions of Euros.

Oneself announced “prophet” got his recently discovered opportunity without conditions alongside his and his better half Mary the day after the couple handed themselves over to Malawian police specialists.

As per the couple’s lawyer Wapona Kita, Chief officer Viva Nyimba governed their capture illicit because the warrant had not been directed through the significant service, “The issue didn’t experience the clergyman of country security, as should be the situation.

Bushiri was arrested last by security forces before he was finally released late yesterday, Bushiri’s attorney said the security forces trampled on the human rights of his client.