NEWS: Protests In Hodan District Following Abdihakim Dhagajuun’s Death In Somalia

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:05 am

A protest has erupted in Mogadishu of Somalia, this is due to the premature killing of Abdihakim Dhagajuun a top commissioner in the country. The victim was popular in Mogadishu and theHodan District where he served.

Dissidents set up blockades along a few courses, with security powers allegedly utilizing live ammo to scatter members.

Dhagajuun was purportedly killed in early Thursday in a shootout close to Hawlwadag crossing point, around a security checkpoint in Mogadishu.

The demonstrators were challenging the slaughtering of the chief who is accounted for to have recently gotten back from a clinical excursion.

Dhagajun was as of late in Turkey accepting clinical treatment for wounds supported in a bomb impact, and was killed hours in the wake of getting back to the Somali capital as per Somali writer Harun Maruf.