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NEWS: Youth Protests Against Police Violence In Tunisia

Thousands of Tunisian youths has taken to the streets of the country to protest and demonstrate their discontentment toward police violence in Tunisia, for several months there has been serious unrest in the country, the major reason for this protest are the irregularities and police violence in the government of the country.

A arrangement of conventions which corresponded with the 10th commemoration of the insurgency that cut down Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on January 14, 2011 — following 23 years in force.

The adolescent walked from Human Rights Square in focal Tunis to Habib Bourguiba Avenue with the point of arriving at the Interior Ministry yet were impeded sent security powers

Tunisia winds up in the midst of a political and monetary emergency compounded by the continuous COVID-19 pandemic as numerous Tunisians are disappointed with the nation’s apparent absence of genuine political change and financial advancement