parliamentary elections in somalia still a far fetched thought with farmaajo in power

Parliamentary elections in Somalia still a far fetched thought with Farmaajo in power

 SomaliaSomalia – Constant delay in Somalia’s presidential elections are igniting deep concerns for the African nation’s road to democracy. The highlight of this very problem is that the current leader in-charge is the reason for not letting the elections conclude.

The top politicians of the country are behind the constant delay in the elections. In Somalia, the present government had covered its due course last November but continuous delays in conducting the elections is the reason why international organizations are unable to trust the African nation.

Despite the increasing pressure and worsening situation, the leaders or rather the Somali officials have not given any date to conduct the parliamentary elections. After failing to stick to its deadline of March 15, 2022, Somalia is swimming in deep waters without even knowing the skill.

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It is high time that the United States does what it has hinted at, which is blacklisting few of the top Somali leaders.  President Farmajo along with Fahd Yassin, Hassan Khairy, Abdel Rahim Guled are  the ones who have been constantly making attempts at making the atmosphere undesirable for parliamentary elections.

At this point, the Somali tribal communities are much of strength than the ones at the top. They have shown unity in their demands for democracy and elections which these leaders have conveniently avoided for their selfish greed. Their strength shows how miserably the electoral bodies have failed and have not been able to come up with any alternatives during this time when the state officials were trying their best  to delay the election .