philip chiyangwa net worth 2022 biography

Philip Chiyangwa Net Worth 2023: Biography

Philip Chiyangwa is a well-known Zimbabwean politician who has previously worked in the government. He was initially elected to represent the district of Chinhoyi in the 2000 elections. In 2004, however, he was accused with revealing state secrets as well as violating the official secrets act. He was named president of the Zimbabwe Football Association, but his appointment sparked criticism. He’s also been linked to a number of land conflicts.

Biography and Early Life

Philip Chiyangwa was born in the Zimbabwean town of Chegutu on February 23, 1959. Marita Mandivenga and Divaris Makaharis are his parents. He was born into a family of thirteen siblings. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s former president, is a relative.


Chiyangwa began his education at Chegutu Primary School and afterwards transferred to St. Francis Secondary School, where he completed his education. He received his many professional qualifications from various institutions in Zimbabwe and around the world.

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Personal Life: Wives, Wife, Divorce, Kids, etc.

Chiyangwa has had two marriages and is now divorced. He married Elizabeth Jama for the first time in 1986, and their marriage was later legalized in 1988. Ellen Vanessa, their first daughter, was born in 1986, and Mitchelle Martha, their second daughter, was born in 1989. Elizabeth started the divorce process in 2013, but it wasn’t completed until 2018.

In 1993, Saniso Katerere claimed to have married Chiyangwa in the community. In the year 2020, they began the process of divorcing. Edmund, Brian, and Bruce are his other three children.

Professional Career

Philip began his professional career as an entrepreneur in the 1980s. He owned a secretarial and accounting firm as well as promoting boxing and music groups. In the 1990s, he owned a tourism complex as well as various manufacturing and engineering firms. During this time, he also became the president of Zimbabwe’s Affirmative Action Group.

As he established Native Africa Investment Ltd, his fortune grew even more. He worked in the fields of steel fabrications, metal engineering, and footwear. Pinnacle Property Holding is another of his companies, where he invested in real estate alongside Philip Chiyangwa Family Trust.

He began his political career in 2000, when he was elected to Zimbabwe’s parliament for the first time. He is a Zanu-PF member. He was a member of the Chinhoyi district council. In 2004, he was charged with violating the Official Secrets Act after being accused of disclosing state secrets. In 2005, he was removed from this seat and was unable to run for re-election. In 2018, he returned to politics as a representative for Zanu-Zvimba PF’s South Constituency. On July 30, 2018, he was elected to the National Assembly.

He became the president of ZIFA, a football club, as his power grew. Despite his social media presence, Zimbabwe was barred from competing in the World Cup after failing to pay the coaching staff. Zimbabwe did not qualify for any international competition during Chinyangwa’s reign. He quit ZIFA to become the regional president of COSAFA.

Awards and Achievements

Philip Chinyangwa has kept quiet about any honors he may have gotten during the course of his career. However, he is well-known, and his political career has been fruitful.

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Philip Chinyangwa in 2023

Chinyangwa has amassed a fortune of more than $1.2 billion. From his own claims, his assets are believed to be at least $200,000. He was able to leverage his position as the nephew of Zimbabwe’s former president to gain access to countless chances and money.

Some unknown facts

Philip Chinyangwa was a well-known politician in Zimbabwe, albeit he had to resign at one point due to scandals. He was also a successful entrepreneur in Zimbabwe, owning a number of businesses. He was embroiled in property conflicts and football scandal while president of ZIFA, in addition to political difficulties.