Somalia, Hawiye Clan Conference Statement Opposed for Extension

Somalia, Hawiye Clan Conference Statement Opposed for Extension

Elders, academics and politicians from the Hawiye community have convened a meeting to oppose a parliamentary extension of Farmajo’s term in office. The conference comes at a critical time in the country’s unpredictable security situation. The Hawiye clan, which resides in the Somali capital, is now directly opposed to Farmajo’s failed rule and has issued a statement declaring its opposition to the illegal extension.

The main points of the Hawiye Clan Conference were:

It is illegal to extend the term of the president, which is extended by the parliament for two years, while the parliament extends its term by two years. This is the most sensitive issue in the debate and the Hawiye elders and politicians have stressed that they will never accept the extension.

The conference also stressed that they would take any action to stop the extension if it was not reversed. He also warned of the dire consequences of extending the term of office of the outgoing president.

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 The conference also called for a general election based on the agreement reached on September 17, 2020. The conference also called for an emergency meeting of regional administration leaders and the Council of Candidates without restraint from the former president. as he made it clear that he did not want an election and instead preferred an illegal extension period.

The Council also condemned the support of some regional administrations for the illegal extension, saying that they did not represent the Somali people in the decision, and called on them to reverse that decision which could lead to instability and instability political crisis in Somalia.

The Hawiye Clan Council also called on the Somali people to reject the illegal extension of Farmajo’s term. They are committed to the peaceful transfer of power every four years, which is central to peace, state-building and democracy.