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South Africa: Zuma Fails To Appear Before Judicial Panel Yet Again

Former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has defied the corruption investigation by not appearing in front of the judicial panel of the country, Zuma is being investigated for corruption during his tenure as president of the country. Several corruption allegations has been leveled against Jacob Zuma by the Anti-corruption agency.

On Monday Zuma, 78, promised he would not show up before a legal board that will test him on defilement during his nine-year organization.

His move opposes last Thursday’s court request for him to show up and affirm before the state catch request.

The commission “can expect no further collaboration from me in any of their cycles going ahead,” Zuma said in an explanation.

“The fury visited upon me as an individual knows no limits,” said Zuma, adding that his youngsters and partners had likewise been “directed and pestered” as their ledgers were shut.