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South Sudan’s President has secret business dealings in Pibor

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

The President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has signed secret mining and gold business contracts with foreign companies operating in Pibor’s Boma areas, a 2-page document leaked to the Knowafrika.

The alleged Kiir’s secret business dealings in Pibor came barely three days after the President decided to revert the country to the original ten states, designating Pibor as an administrative district.

The document, leaked to the Knowafrika by a senior government official who demands complete anonymity for fear of reprisal exposes how Kiir instructed government agencies to issue mining licenses to foreign companies he signed contracts with. The text esposes how Kiir involved his unnamed young daughter in the mining industry. The document also asserts that recent decision by the President to categorize Pibor as one of the three administrative districts was influenced by his mining dealings in the area.

“Pibor has become the second source of income for Kiir and his family members after oil. The president daughter owns a huge mining business with two foreign partners,” the document reads in part.

“Do you know why Kiir label Pibor as an administrative district?” the official asks, adding “I am sick of actions of Kiir. This is why I decided to reveal this wrong business contracts to the media.”

The official further disclosed that Kiir’s mining businesses operate mainly in Pinor’s Boma area including other locations around the country.

In September 2019, The Sentry, an investigative institution based in the United States, released a report and identified one of Salva Kiir’s daughters as one of South Sudanese running questionable mining businesses in the country. The report also accused the President’s daughter of using a ruthless tribal militia group to terrorize and remove people who live near any mining site she owns.

The South Sudan News Agency has also learned that conflict is building in Unity State after residents namely Leek, Jikany, and Bul Nuer of northern Bentiu learned that President has categorized Ruweng as an administrative district. The residents alleged that Kiir’s main goal is to keep the main oilfield in the Ruweng area.