sudans civil resistance has a new face the spiderman of sudan

Sudan’s civil resistance has a new face: The Spiderman of Sudan

The new documentary by The Guardian, titled “The Spiderman of Sudan” is the new symbol of civil resistance that began in October. The ‘man who cannot be named’ says, “Violence and arrests will not deter Sudan’s young activists from resisting the military who stole our revolution.”

How the ‘Spidey’ emerged?

The security forces of Sudan, who have also been alleged to sexually assault women in the African country, had killed his childhood friend. This, as said by the ‘Spidey’, is a homage to his friend – more as a symbol of stories they heard as kids and less as a disguise.

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Part of the 2019 protests

Spidey was also a part of the 2019 protests in Sudan that led to the fall of dictator leader Omar al-Bashir, followed by formation of a transitional government. This government was ousted in a military coup in October 2021.

“The military and counter-revolutionary parties, they stole Sudan’s revolution. They are like the former government of 30 years – there’s no difference between them and [Bashir’s] National Congress party,” the Spidey said. “They are dictators and they want only control.”

The documentary

The documentary by The Guardian has been filmed as Spidey participated in the protests. The feature also shows the masked superhero in a role of self-taught scientist who teaches the Sudanese children about robotics.

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“The night comes and the night goes, every day is like this,” Spidey said. “With the will of God, we still come out. Until today we continue to try to liberate the country but we have no fear. The people of Sudan, all of them, will continue to face the security forces and their bullets.”

The director of documentary, Phil Cox explains that the feature is a real time unfolding of civil unrest in Sudan and Spidey being a representation of country’s situation. “His distinctive suit seems to energise protesters around him and symbolises the resistance, while his teaching work was galvanised by the 2019 movement, like many other social and cultural activities.”