odinga picks martha karua as his running mate in kenyas presidential election

Odinga picks Martha Karua as his running mate in Kenya’s presidential election

Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 08:36 am

Raila Odiga, a presidential candidate for the Azimio Laumoja party in Kenya, made the announcement on Monday that he had selected Martha Karua to serve as his running partner. On Monday, Raila Odinga announced at a rally in Nairobi that he would share a ticket for the next presidential elections, which are set to take place in August, with a female politician who was a rival of his in the past.

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“My fellow Kenyans, the time has come, and with it, your leader.” The honorable Martha Wangari Karua, who serves as cabinet secretary for justice and constitutional affairs, will be joining me on the ticket as my running mate, and I have the privilege of announcing this exciting news. As Karua pushed her way up the ranks of the male-dominated Kenyan political arena, she earned the nick tag “iron lady.” Karua was formerly a contender for the presidency of Kenya. In the event that they are victorious in the elections, Karua will be Kenya’s first female deputy president.

“This is a moment for the women of Kenya; it is a moment that my late grandmother, one of the most influential women in my life, would have been proud of. However, she would not have been surprised because generations of women have fought for space at the decision-making table,” the lawyer and former minister of justice commented. “This is a moment for the women of Kenya; it is the moment that my late grandmother, one of the most instrumental women in my life, would have been proud of; however, she would not have been.

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The news came a day after Rigathi Gachagua, a former aide turned opponent of President Uhuru Kenyatta, was chosen by Deputy President William Ruto to be his running mate. Many commentators are of the opinion that this year’s contest for the presidency will come down to a two-horse battle between Ruto and Odinga. Since President Kenyatta can’t run again, he has decided to support Odinga, who has been his political rival for a long time.

At the general elections on August 9, there will be a record number of forty-six candidates running for president, along with nearly seven thousand other candidates.