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The death toll of COVID19 in Africa exceeds 95,000

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

Africa has been hit hardest by the outbreak of COVID19. Although the death toll from COVID19 is lower than in other continents, the death toll in the second wave has risen to more than 95,000. The second wave of covid19 has had a major impact on Africa and it is now said that the continent is currently facing a difficult situation related to covid’s infection as the continent lacks the technological capacity and financial capacity to control the spread of the disease.

Although some African countries have imported Covid vaccine, it is clear that the virus is killing large numbers of people. One-third of the affected population are in South Africa. Despite governments’ efforts, the epidemic is still on the continent.

AS COVID19 has spread around the world, people are increasingly aware of the death toll that their government publishes every day. Unfortunately, the total number of deaths caused by this epidemic could be even higher and it is now over 95,000 deaths here in Africa, which means that the death toll is higher than the previous wave. This time it is going to speed death because there are special circumstances, such as poverty in Africa and not to follow the government guides.

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According to All Africa News, As of February 9, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries reached 3,681,674. The reported death toll in Africa reached 95,535. More than 3,207,374 people have recovered from the disease. South Africa has the highest number of reported cases – 1,477,511 – with 46,473 deaths. The other countries most affected are Morocco (475,589), Tunisia (217,753), Egypt (170,207), Ethiopia (142,994), and Nigeria (140,391).