the latest tigray airstrike resulted in at least 10 deaths.

The latest Tigray airstrike resulted in at least 10 deaths

The capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, Mekele, was struck by two airstrikes early on Wednesday morning, resulting in the deaths of ten people. The number of fatalities may rise as more patients are brought to the hospital, according to those working in local health care.

An attack by a drone on a university campus in Mekele took place on Tuesday morning, resulting in injuries to an undetermined number of people. Two days after saying they were ready for a quick ceasefire, Tigray rebels have accused the government of sending more drones to attack the capital of the region, Mekelle.

After a temporary peace agreement that lasted for five months, fighting has recently resumed and has been going on for close to three weeks now. Getachew Reda, a top official in Tigray, was the one who revealed in a tweet on Tuesday that a university campus was the target of the drone strikes.

A communications blackout has been going on for quite some time, therefore there is no independent confirmation of the report. Getachew, along with a senior general named Tsadkan Gebretensay, has been appointed by the Tigrayan forces in order to negotiate with the government.

Although Addis Ababa had previously established a seven-member team to negotiate on behalf of the government, it has not officially responded to the most recent statements made by the Tigrayans indicating that they would accept the mediation efforts of the African Union. These statements indicated that the Tigrayans would accept the efforts of the African Union. The African Union, the United Nations, and the United States all expressed their satisfaction with the announcement made by the Tigrayan troops.

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Tigray’s leadership issued a statement over the weekend to mark the beginning of Ethiopia’s New Year, in which they said they were ready to participate in an “immediate” cessation of hostilities leading to a comprehensive ceasefire. The statement was issued in conjunction with the beginning of the Ethiopian New Year. Even so, the Ethiopian Federal Government hasn’t said anything publicly yet, even though there are signs that more talks between the two sides are happening in Djibouti.

Since hostilities between Tigray troops and Ethiopia’s government began in late August, many airstrikes have hit Mekele, shattering a period of relative peace that had existed since late March. The United Nations says that, despite the relative peace that had made it possible to send more humanitarian aid to Tigray, those shipments have now stopped. Parts of the neighboring Amhara region that were affected by the war were also stopped from getting supplies.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions more have been forced to flee their homes in the areas of Tigray, Amhara, and Afar since the war began in November of the year 2020.