the un high commissioner for human rights urges sudan to reach a political agreement

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urges Sudan to reach a political agreement

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 09:32 am

On Wednesday, November 16, Volker Turk, the UN Human Rights Commissioner, called on the different groups in Sudan to come to an agreement so that the political and economic crises that have been getting worse since the military coup a year ago can end.

Forces for Freedom and Change, the largest civilian group in Sudan, and the armed forces have been talking for a few weeks as part of the latest effort to break the deadlock that has been going on since the military coup in 2021.

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The political process has the support of the United Nations. The Human Rights Commissioner of Sudan went home after his first official trip to the country. “Any change is fragile, but where we are in Sudan is a particularly delicate stage of this shift,” he said. “Any transition is delicate.”

“I really call on all sides involved in the political process to go the extra mile, to work towards the prompt restoration of civilian rule in the country, and to bring an end to the uncertainty that has left a large portion of the population in danger,” he said.

Volker Turk landed in Sudan on Sunday and immediately began meeting with senior leaders, including General Al-Burhan, the leader of the coup. At a press conference in Khartoum, a UN official talked about how important it is to keep the right to gather peacefully.

“I am making a direct appeal to the relevant authorities, asking them to provide the security forces with explicit instructions to react to the demonstrations in a manner that is compliant with human rights laws and standards.” “People have the right to gather together without violence, and it is the state’s job to make sure this right can be exercised without the risk of being shot by police.” About 119 people have been killed because of the violent response to anti-coup protests.