the us ambassador to sudan pushes opposition groups to join talks

The US Ambassador to Sudan pushes opposition groups to join talks

Former rebel parties that did not take part in a political accord struck after a coup have been urged by the United States Ambassador to Sudan to participate in discussions that aim to reinstate civilian authority. The first phase of a political process designed to end the political unrest that followed a military coup led by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan was agreed upon by civilian and military leaders last month. This process is the first of two phases that are intended to put an end to the political unrest.

“There are some organizations that have, up until this point, refrained from participating in the framework political accord.” It is really important to mention that the procedure is still available for them to participate in, in my opinion. “According to what we know, attempts are still being made to find a way to meet a circumstance in which they feel as though they may participate in the process, and we would certainly encourage them to give serious consideration to doing so,” said US Ambassador to Sudan, John Godfrey.

The 2021 military coup sparked near-weekly rallies, with protesters calling for a return to civilian rule. According to medics working for the pro-democracy movement, the crackdown on anti-coup demonstrations resulted in the deaths of more than 120 people.

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The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that over 900 people were killed as a result of ethnic violence in Sudan’s most remote regions last year. The coup has also made the country’s economy worse, which was already in a downward spiral.

According to the United States Ambassador in Sudan, “until a new civilian-led government is in place in Sudan, we will not be in a position to restore the other lines of assistance that were paused at the time of the military takeover.” This statement was made in light of the fact that the previous government in Sudan was led by military officers.

During the next round of talks, which will happen in the coming weeks, important and hard topics like transitional justice, accountability, and security reforms are likely to be talked about in more depth.