top 10 richest states in nigeria

Top 10 richest states in Nigeria 2022

Nigeria is unquestionably a fortunate nation! It is undeniable that the nation is largely gifted with natural resources. In the meanwhile, Nigeria is divided into many states with various resources. Minerals, productive agricultural lands, vast oil deposits, natural gas deposits, and other resources are among them.

Nigeria has 36 states in all, and they differ in terms of population, size, and even income. This article compares the 36 states of Nigeria’s top 10 richest states using their GDPs and other economic indicators.

NameMain Economic activitiesGDP
LagosOil Refineries, Ports, Manufacturing, Automotive Assembly, and Processing$33.68 Billion
RiversCrude Oil Extraction$21.17 Billion
DeltaMining$16.75 Billion
OyoAgriculture$16.12 Billion
Imo StateOil Refinery$14.77 Billion
KanoManufacturing$12.39 Billion
EdoAgriculture$11.89 Billion
Akwa IbomMining & Agriculture$11.09 Billion
OgunMining & Manufacturing$11 Billion
KadunaTextile Manufacturing$10.33 Billion

1. Lagos State – $33.68 Billion

The Nigerian state of Lagos is situated in the country’s southwest. It has the smallest area and is the most populated city in Nigeria. It is additionally referred to be Africa’s most populated metropolis.

Lagos is also listed as the richest state in Nigeria owing to the volume of businesses and industries that are flourishing there and so adding to the state’s economic prosperity.

The Lagos Port, Africa’s biggest and busiest port, is located in Lagos. In addition to this, other industries including manufacturing, processing, oil refineries, and so on also have an impact on the state’s economy. All of these factors together have increased the state’s GDP, elevating it to the position of the richest state in Nigeria.

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2. Rivers State – $21.17 Billion

On the list of the richest states in Nigeria, Rivers State comes in at number two. It is located in the Southern region of Nigeria, near the Niger Delta. Port Harcourt, the state capital, is regarded as the hub of the Nigerian oil industry’s commerce.

It is ranked as the sixth most populous state in Nigeria at the moment. Additionally, it is Nigeria’s second-richest state with a GDP of $21.17 billion.

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3. Delta State – $16.75 Billion

The biggest reserves of minerals and other natural resources, including limestone, lignite, kaolin, silica, and others, are found in Delta State.

4. Oyo State – $16.12 Billion

On the list of the richest states in Nigeria, Oyo state comes in at number four. It is an interior state that is located southwest of Nigeria. Additionally, it is Nigeria’s fifth most populous state by population.

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Nigerian states with the greatest food production rates include Oyo State. Agriculture is produced, processed, and packaged in this state. And this is mostly where it derives its money.

5. Imo State – $14.77 Billion

On a list of the richest states in Nigeria, Imo State comes in at number five. It is located in Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical region. It is not only the richest state in South-Eastern Nigeria but also one of the richest states in the entire country of Nigeria.

The presence of several manufacturing firms, infrastructure expansions, and reserves of natural resources like crude oil, natural gas, sand, and so on also have a significant impact on the state’s economy.

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6. Kano State -$12.39 Billion

In addition to being one of Nigeria’s wealthiest states, Kano State is also the most populous. Additionally, Kano Metropolis, the nation’s capital, is Nigeria’s second-most populous city after Lagos.

Kano City, the capital of Kano, is a manufacturing and processing hub for goods such as light vehicles, steel, cement, and canned foods.

7. Edo State – $11.89 Billion

On a list of Nigeria’s richest states, Edo State comes in at number seven. It may be found in Nigeria’s southern area. The primary economic activity in this country is agriculture.

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Although the state also possesses mineral resources, such as those limestone and lignite, outside of the agricultural industry. other businesses that make plywood, rubber, furniture, beer, and so on.

8. Akwa Ibom State – $11.09 Billion

Akwa Ibom State ranks eighth on the list of the richest states in Nigeria. It is located in Nigeria’s South-South geopolitical zone. Additionally, it has the fifteenth-highest population density in the nation.

In the meanwhile, the state derives its GDP from industries including mining, agriculture, offshore oil extraction, deep-sea fishing, and so forth.

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9. Ogun State – $11 Billion

On the list of the richest states in Nigeria, Ogun State comes in at number nine. It is located in Nigeria’s southwest. The state is rich in natural resources, such as deposits, limestone, chalk, clay, etc.

In addition, Abeokuta, the capital and largest metropolis of Ogun State, is well renowned for the Aro granite that is found nearby. However, the mine offers construction supplies, particularly for southern Nigeria.

Ijebu Ode and Sagamu are two other prominent and well-known cities in Ogun state. The old royal capital of the Ijebu empire, Ijebu Ode, is well-known. Sagamu is the city where Kolanuts are most often sold in Nigeria.

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10. Kaduna State – $10.33 Billion

The tenth-ranked Kaduna State is located in Nigeria’s northern region.

Kaduna state is home to Nigeria’s largest textile manufacturing sector. Additionally, it features enterprises for processing cottonseed, tobacco, and oil.

In conclusion, Kaduna state boasts a lot of textile manufacturing enterprises, which has allowed the state to continuously bring in money from its economic operations. and making it one of Nigeria’s richest states.