UK government warns of extension of Farmajo’s term

There is growing international pressure on the outgoing Somali government to hold credible elections and to provide an environment conducive to the implementation of the agreement reached on September 17 last year. At the moment, some countries in the international community are issuing statements to the government that there is no need to be dragged on at this time and that it is necessary to take a one-sided approach and to avoid any extension.

This time around, the British government has warned the outgoing government against trying to extend Farmajo’s government term. UK Minister for Africa James Duddridge has warned the Somali parliament to extend the term of the current outdated government.

A press statement issued by the Minister expressed concern over the lack of a political solution, as no agreement has yet been reached on the electoral process. It warns against any extension of the term of the illegitimate president Farmajo that will damage the country’s democracy and progress.

UK government warns of extension of Farmajo’s term said James.

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Minister James Duddridge underscored the urgent need for Somali Leaders to come together and reach a consensus on the implementation of the electoral process, in line with the September 17 election agreement and the recommendations of the Baidoa Technical Committee.

Pressure from the international community has been mounting in recent weeks, with a growing pressure on the outgoing president and the need for inclusive consultations. The international community has expressed concern over the political situation in the country and the electoral crisis, with direct calls from the capitals of countries that support Somalia.